Newberry College prepares students in the Lutheran liberal arts tradition through its supportive academic community for lifelong intellectual and personal development, meaningful vocation, and engaged citizenship in the global society.

Intellectual Development

Students will acquire, develop, and demonstrate:
• knowledge of the arts, sciences, and humanities as ways of understanding the world and our place in it.
• effective oral and written communication skills.
• critical thinking and quantitative analytical skills necessary for interpreting information and solving problems in a 21st century  global society.
• proficiency in information literacy.

Personal Development

Students will acquire, develop, and demonstrate:
• the ability to work with others as leaders or as members of a team to accomplish common goals in a diverse society.
• an understanding of the heritage of the Christian faith and its contribution to humane problem solving in the evolving global community.
• moral reasoning skills essential for making life choices that balance personal freedoms and societal responsibilities.
• the knowledge, attitudes, and habits that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Meaningful Vocation

 Students will acquire, develop, and demonstrate:
• knowledge of the history, methods of inquiry, and current intellectual claims of a chosen specific discipline or interdisciplinary area of study.
• knowledge and skills that foster life-long personal growth and professional development in their vocational pursuits.

Engaged Citizenship in a Global Society

Students will acquire, develop, and demonstrate:
• the values necessary for effective citizenship.
• the skills and historical knowledge to think critically about complex national and global issues.
• the  qualities  of personal  and social  responsibility necessary to sustain  and  deepen democracy.


Approved by the Newberry College Board of Trustees on February 12, 2013