Course Descriptions

ART 101. Studio Art I. (3)

A studio course introducing a variety of materials and methods of artistic expression through studio experiences in drawing, printing, painting, and three-dimensional work. This course is designed as an introduction to art for the non-art major as well as the art major. ART 101 satisfies the Core Curriculum requirement for Fine Arts, Area C-3. A $75 fee is charged for cost of materials. Offered every semester.


ART 161. Computer Graphics I. (3)

An introduction to the fundamentals of computer graphics and graphic design. Design problems with an emphasis on building and developing the critical, aesthetic judgments employed by artists as related to composition, design, color, message, etc. Problems are explored within the context of computer software and graphic design. A fee of $85 is charged. Offered every semester.


ART 211. History of Western Art I (3)

A Survey of Western Art through the Middle Ages

A slide /lecture, discussion, and introduction to the history of western art through the Middle Ages. This course is designed to give the student an understanding of the visual arts through the examination of its nature, structure, criticism, cultural and historical context. ART 211 satisfies the Core Curriculum requirements for Fine Arts, Area C-2. Offered every semester.


ART 220 (COM 220). Principles of Digital Photography. (3)

A basic course in capturing and manipulating still images using various techniques and technologies. This course is highly recommended for visual artists for understanding lighting, emotion, action, and storytelling in still media. This course will be offered as a course centered around digital photography and Photoshop software. Recommended for Art majors. A $95 fee will be charged for this class. Offered spring semester.


ART 221. Drawing I. (3*)

Prerequisites: ART 101 or ART 181 or permission of instructor.

An introduction to basic drawing media and methods consisting of the study of the Masters‘ drawings, drawing from observation, and abstraction. Emphasis placed on technique, method, composition, abstract qualities, and content.

ART 221 satisfies the Core Curriculum requirement for Fine Arts, Area C-3. A $75 fee is charged for cost of materials. Offered every semester.

ART 261. Graphic Design I/ Production Practices. (3)

Prerequisites: ART 161, ART 221.

Application of design principles covered in ART 161. Design elements used in identity and campaign research preparation using Photo-shop, Illustrator, Painter, Quark, and MAC applications. A fee of $85 is charged. Offered every semester.

ART 264. History of Graphic Design. (3)

A slide and lecture introduction to the history of graphic design. This class will cover graphic design starting with the invention of writing, the invention of the printing press to graphic design in the age of information. This course will be conducted in chronological order. Offered fall semester, alternate years.

ART 320, Web Design. (3)

Prerequisite: ENG 112.

A course designed around the fundamentals of digital photography, manipulation of graphics, and Web design. This course will focus on two main topics: First, the use of digital photography and graphics in the mass media to provide students opportunities to use these skills in creating Web pages. Second, the theory and practice of Web design. Students will learn the art of writing for web pages as well as the aesthetic and theoretical foundations of Web page design. A $95 fee will be charged to cover the maintenance of the digital cameras and the costs for both the digital and graphic design programs. Offered spring semester.

ART 361. Graphic Design II. (3)

Prerequisite: ART 261.

Advanced design solutions and presentation techniques resulting in dynamic layout for print portfolio. The student works closely with professors to produce a Design Portfolio evaluated by a multi-member review panel. A fee of $85 is charged. Offered every semester.

ART 461. Advanced Application of Computer. (3)

Advanced application of computer, Design elements will be used in identity and campaign research, development of visual collateral and publications using Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, and MAC applications. Further development of the student‘s portfolio will be done in this class. Budget and time constraints will be placed on students for them to have more practical experience. A fee of $85 is charged. Offered at departmental discretion.

ART 464. Senior Graphic Design Portfolio. (6)

Prerequisite: ART 361. (For graduating seniors—last semester.)

Comprehensive preparation for all graphic design students. Course will include weekly portfolio review, resume and cover letter preparation specifically geared towards the design industry, networking training and interview preparation. In addition, students will be required to visit various graphic design studios and advertising agencies (various field trips) to get more familiar with what is anticipated from them after graduation. A fee of $85 is charged. Offered at departmental discretion.

Course Descriptions