Welcome to the Department of Theatre

The Newberry College Department of Theatre provides our students with opportunities to participate in all areas of theatrical production. Students are given the opportunity to act, direct, and design.

Each year, the Department of Theatre produces at least two Mainstage productions as well as a range of student productions. We value the opinions and creativity of our students, and they have creative input into our departmental production decisions.

Because of the size of our department, our professional faculty can focus on individualized instruction, offering students multiple opportunities to explore their own talents and interests as they design pathways toward achieving personalized goals.

In addition to providing outstanding instruction and a wide variety of production experiences, Newberry College helps to connect our students to opportunities in Theatre by maintaining memberships in three professional organizations: the South Carolina Theatre Association (SCTA), the South Carolina Speech and Theatre Association (SCSTA), and the Southeastern Theatre Conference (SETC). Newberry College annually subsidizes student travel to attend these conferences for networking, auditions, master classes, festival competitions, and workshops.

The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre (46 semester hours)

The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre is a 46-semester credit hour program that prepares graduates for a variety of professional roles in theatre production.  Students may choose from one of three concentrations:

  • Directing
  • Acting
  • Technical Theatre

The Department also offers minors in Theatre and Speech.

Individual Instruction

A hallmark of the Theatre Program is the close, individualized attention that our expert faculty provide each student. We treat our students as creative professionals, not as numbers in a lecture hall. Each student is guided by a faculty-mentor, who helps assess the student's talents and aspirations, plan a course of study and professional development, and interacts with the student on a regular basis, helping to nurture the student's artistic growth.

Because we believe that artistic development is best cultivated when practice is combined with theory, we encourage each Theatre student to become involved with production starting in their freshman year--and continue that involvement through graduation. While a student may choose a concentration in Directing, Acting, or Technical Production, we encourage all students to experience the full range of theatrical production by rotating through those various roles over their four years of study.

Moreover, we encourage our students to explore and experiment with other aspects of their creative personalities--and we invite students from other majors to investigate their theatrical and creative affinities. Many Theatre students take coursework and become involved with other fine arts offered at Newberry College, such as Studio Art, Graphic Design, Radio and Television Production, Music Performance, and Speech.

With a small student-to-faculty ratio, Theatre students receive the personal attention, concentrated instruction, expert mentorship, and individualized guidance that increases their chances for successful professional careers.