The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre (46 semester hours)

The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre is a 46-semester credit hour program that prepares graduates for a variety of professional roles in theatre production. Students may choose from one of three concentrations:

  • Directing

  • Acting

  • Technical Theatre

    Communication is an important part of the human experience, from the sharing of culture to the transmission of urgent information. Insights into human experience are gained as students complete theater and speech courses. Students are also provided with tools for better communication through as they are taught and practice marketable skills useful for graduates in any field of study.

    Courses in Theatre & Speech teach future professional communicators in the fields of traditional theatre arts and speech communication. Students from associated majors whose future career will require proficiency in public speaking, oral communication, performance, and the practice of persuasion will benefit from departmental involvement. A minor in Speech or Theatre will compliment any major, especially Art, Communications, Education, English, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, or Religion. In addition to providing technical proficiency for future professionals, departmental faculty also strive to help students become ethical artists and communicators.

    Not only do students experience the liberal arts and share artistic views in speech and theatre courses, the use of technology is stressed through specific classroom and practical experiences. Faculty offer practical assignments compatible with professional industry standards.

    The emphasis on technology in the department means that students receive a combination of fundamental technique combined with industry technology. All students in the department take a basic core of classes in addition to the standard College core. The department core classes form a foundation including history and theory, performance, design, and public speaking.

    Upon successful completion of a major in Theatre graduates will possess:

    (1) Individual talents in both performance studies and technical theatre;

    (2) Knowledge and skills necessary to achieve positions in theatre and performance-related fields; (3) a strong experience-based background in theatre;

    (4) Foundations for graduate study in theatre and/or speech;

    (5) Enhanced interpersonal, group communication, organizational, listening and evaluative skills that will serve the graduate in many aspects of life after Newberry College.

    Departmental majors are required to participate in all departmental theatre audition sessions and to accept acting or production staff assignments for each College Theatre production.