Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

ACC 210. Principles of Financial Accounting. (3)

Prerequisite: None

An introduction to the financial accounting process including the analysis and interpretation of financial accounting information. This course emphasizes the objectives of general purpose financial statements; major financing, investing, and operating activities of the typical firm; and how these activities are reflected in general purpose financial statements. Offered every semester.

ACC 220. Principles of Managerial Accounting. (3)

Prerequisite: ACC 210.

An introduction to traditional and contemporary accounting systems to facilitate managerial planning and control. This course emphasizes the analysis and interpretation of internal accounting information to support operational, tactical, and strategic decision-making. Offered every semester.

ACC 311 Intermediate Accounting I (3)

Prerequisite: ACC 220

An in-depth study of the theory and practice of corporate financial reporting. This course focuses on generally accepted accounting principles of income determination, balance sheet presentation, and cash flow reporting. Theoretical foundations of financial reporting are emphasized including the conceptual framework and assumptions of financial accounting; the accounting cycle; and asset valuation and disclosure. Offered Fall Semester.

ACC 312 Intermediate Accounting II (3)

Prerequisites.: ACC 210 and ACC 311.
A continuation of the study of corporate financial reporting (ACC 311). This course emphasizes the measurement and disclosure of liabilities and stockholders‘ equity, as well as issues related to cash flows and operation reporting.
Offered on demand.

ACC 341 Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting (3)

Prerequisite: ACC 210.
A study of the unique aspects for governmental and nonprofit entities. This course emphasizes the conceptual differences between reporting for business and non-business organizations and the application of appropriate accounting principles for non-business accounting venues.
Offered on demand.

ACC 421 Cost Accounting I

Prerequisites: ACC 220    

An in-depth study of the creation and interpretation of cost management information to facilitate management decisions. ACC 421 examines the theory and concepts underlying conventional product/service cost systems, the environmental forces that contribute to the obsolescence of traditional cost accounting systems, and the corresponding emergence of modern cost management systems. Topics include traditional and contemporary cost behavior analysis, job order and process cost accounting systems, and activity based cost management systems. Offered on demand.

ACC 432 Individual Income Taxes (3)

Prerequisite: ACC 210

An in depth study of personal income taxation including filing methods, exemptions, deductions, and tax minimization strategies. Students will be required to evaluate and prepare income taxes for individual tax payers using a variety of tax scenarios. Offered on demand.

ACC 462 Auditing (3)

Prerequisite: ACC 210

A study of the theoretical concepts and professional standards underlying the attestation process. This course focuses on procedures used in the audit process, including evidence gathering, analysis, and reporting. Students are encouraged to take one of the recommended ethics courses either before or concurrent in conjunction with ACC 462. Offered on demand.

Technology Requirements
To meet program objectives for the academic year 2013-14, and to provide access to technology; Business, Behavioral and Social Science students will be required to use a notebook computer supporting a minimum operating environment of Windows 7 (or higher) and Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013.

Course Descriptions