Concentrations and Minors

Major Field

Business majors study the language, functions, techniques, and creative opportunities involved in the operation of a business organization. They also study the theoretical and analytical processes of rational decision making within the context of a faith-based entrepreneural values system.


Business Administration Major (B.S. Degree) Requirements (54 hours)

The major in Business Administration consists of 51 hours including:

        6 hours: Accounting 210 and 220;

        6 hours: Management Information Systems 210 and 310;

        30 hours: Business Administration 210, 220, 241, 260, 311, 341, 363, 432, 472, and 477;

        6 hours: Economics 210 and 220;

        3 hours: Mathematics 200 or Social Sciences 230;

        3 hours: from Art 320, Business Administration 361, 462, Mathematics 211, English 371 or any 300-or 400-level Business/Economics elective.


Business Administration majors are encouraged to take MAT 211 and ENG 371. Economics 210 or 220 partially fulfills the Core requirements in Area E-2; MAT 200 can be used to satisfy the requirements of either Area D-2 or Area D-3.


Non-Departmental Majors

Non-departmental majors may minor in Business Administration and must take 18-21 hours as prescribed. Some of the courses required for the minor may have prerequisites that will require additional course work; some courses may fulfill Core Curriculum requirements.


Business Administration Minors

In order to declare Business Administration minors, the student must have an overall "C" average in

ACC 210 and 220, BUA 210, and ECO 210.


Accounting Minor

For a minor in Accounting, the student must meet all College requirements for a minor field of study and take 18 hours: ACC 210, 220, 311, 421, 432 and 462.


Business Administration Minor

For a minor in Business Administration, a student must meet all College requirements for a minor field of study and take 21 hours: ACC 210 and 220; BUA 210, 220, and 260; ECO 210 and 220.


Management Information Systems Minor

For a minor in Management Information Systems, a student must meet all College requirements for a minor field of study and take 18 hours: MIS 210, 310, 330, 340 and 420. 


Technology Requirements

To meet program objectives for the academic year 2013-14, and to provide access to technology; Business, Behavioral and Social Science students will be required to use a notebook computer supporting a minimum operating environment of Windows 7 (or higher) and Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013.


Concentrations and Minors