Community Service Studies


This minor supports Newberry College’s mission of nurturing students for lifetimes of service and leadership. It will broaden and deepen student’s education by enabling them to apply knowledge from their majors and the core to challenges and issues beyond the classroom. It will encourage interdisciplinary learning and the application of knowledge. It will nurture habits of the heart, those intellectual and moral dispositions described by Tocqueville and Parker Palmer as necessary for the maintenance of democratic institutions (thus complementing our QEP). The minor will culminate with a capstone project that will incorporate and apply disciplinary and core knowledge in conjunction with the habits, skills, and understandings developed through the minor into a community project.

In each course of the minor students will seek deeper understanding of connections between the core, their major, and the application of them to challenges and issues in communities. 


This minor is designed to promote the development of knowledge, skills of critical analysis, and dispositions necessary for effective study of and participation in community service and civic engagement.  Through a sequence of interdisciplinary courses and activities, students will

  • Study community dynamics and the process of community change,

  • Learn and apply effective service and leadership skills in the community,

  • Learn community-based research skills,

  • Increase their knowledge of public policy and its effect on communities,

  • Discover the connections between their major field of study and community interests and public policy.

  • Examine the issues of poverty, diversity, and social justice as they relate to community service.