Course Descriptions

COS 201.  The Theory and Practice of Community Service. (3)

An in-depth examination of the history, philosophy, pedagogical role, and methods of community service and community-based research. Requires participation in community service.

Open to sophomores and higher.

Offered fall semester.


COS 202.  Service and Reflection. (3)

An examination of the relationship between community service and contemporary thought. Selections from novels, poetry, short stories, and philosophical, political, and sociological thought will be examined to assist in the moral, psychological and social reflection about serving others. Requires participation in community service.

Open to sophomores and higher.


COS 301. Community Studies. (3)

Prerequisite: COS 201

This course examines the structure and functioning of local communities, including the interconnections among the social, political, and economic institutions. Students will study theories of community power and techniques of community study. Underlying the focus on the study of communities will be an examination of service within this context and the knowledge and tools important for community engagement. Requires community-based research.

Offered every other year in rotation with COS 202.


COS 401. Capstone Experience. (3)

Prerequisite: COS 201, COS 202, COS 301, SOC 208 or 308, POS 461 or another approved upper-level

POS course.

The selection, planning, and implementation of a community project or community research plan which demonstrates the knowledge and skills acquired in the minor. May be tailored to a student‘s major and mentored by staff in Values Based Learning or the student‘s major.

Offered as needed.

Course Descriptions