Concentrations and Minors

Political Science Major (B.A. degree) Requirements (42 hours)

    15 hours:  Political Science 121, 225, 461, 462, and 499

      3 hours: At least one of the following Political Science 300 or POS 310

      3 hours: Social Sciences 230

      15 hours:  Political Science course electives, at least 9 hours from courses at or above the 300 level

      6 hours (or equivalent) in Spanish 

Political Science Minor Requirements (18 hours)

    3 hours:  Political Science 121

    3 hours:  Political Science 225

    12 hours: Political Science course electives, at least 6 hours from courses at, or above, the 300


Technology Requirements
To meet program objectives for the academic year 2013-14, and to provide access to technology; Business, Behavioral and Social Science students will be required to use a notebook computer supporting a minimum operating environment of Windows 7 (or higher) and Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013.

Concentrations and Minors