Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior. The psychology major is designed primarily to investigate human behavior and experience ranging from normal mental, emotional and intellectual activities to mental illness and psychotherapy.

Majors acquire a strong undergraduate foundation for entry into graduate and professional schools of psychology in preparation for careers in teaching and research or as professional counselors and licensed psychologists. Psychology majors who do not plan to become professionals in psychology may still use the course work for broad application to careers in business, industry, management, the ministry, human resources, rehabilitation, teaching and others.

Graduates with Psychology degrees are expected to:

(1) Know about the origins, personalities, theories, and systems that have shaped psychology;

(2) Write, read and speak about psychological research;

(3) Appreciate the interrelationship psychology has with other disciplines within the liberal arts and sciences.

A psychology minor is available for those whose main focus is in another academic area, but who wish to gain insight into psychological principles.