The study of English literature and language might be viewed as the ultimate interdisciplinary curriculum. Understanding literary texts of the past and present demands that the reader come to terms with the linguistic, historical, philosophical, psychological, social, scientific, spiritual and moral conditions in which those texts were created. Study of literary expression at the college level also demands that students develop their own communication skills more fully. The Department of English provides core courses that challenge students to explore the artistic and practical potential of language and to develop their own linguistic awareness and abilities.

The English curriculum requires students to study literature of different periods, genres, and national traditions. All English majors complete surveys of American and British literature before selecting upper-level electives that enable students to consider specific genres, movements, and the literatures of different cultures.

Students may choose to major in English, to major in English with Teacher Certification, to minor in English, or to minor in Creative Writing. English majors and minors include not only those preparing to teach English, but also students interested in careers emphasizing written communication and students who wish to use English as the liberal arts foundation for other pre-professional education. The Creative Writing minor fosters exploration and development of written creative expression and increases students' awareness and knowledge of contemporary creative writing.