The study of history as an organized body of knowledge is a vital and integral part of a liberal arts education. The courses offered by the Department are designed to give students a broader understanding of other cultures as well as a deeper appreciation of their own heritage, and to provide the basis for a thoughtful evaluation of the trends and developments of the contemporary world. Upper-level courses in particular also provide training in the methods of scholarly research and critical analysis

Under a program approved by two national accrediting organizations in the field of Education, all Newberry College students seeking secondary certification to teach Social Studies must complete all of the requirements for a History major. History has long been one of the preferred undergraduate majors for those planning a career in the legal profession, and several of our graduates have been successful in winning full-tuition scholarships to law schools. Others have continued their education in graduate school studies in a variety of disciplines, including history, education, journalism, and library science. Many use their undergraduate training for what it is, a solid liberal arts education with specialization in a field that emphasizes perspective, analytical insight, ability to synthesize, and effective communication skills.