History Prerequisites

No History course except those numbered 480 and above carries a prerequisite, but it is anticipated that most beginning students will take the introductory-level courses: HIS 111, HIS 112, HIS 121, and HIS 122.
Each course is treated as an entity so that it is not necessary to take courses in chronological order nor to take an entire sequence. For example, a student may take HIS 112 before taking HIS 111 or take HIS 212 without having taken HIS 211.
When HIS 480 is offered, the sequential schedule for some other history courses may be temporarily altered.

History Major (B.A. Degree) Requirements (36-42 hours)

Requirements for a major in History include 36-42 hours of History as follows: HIS 111, 112, 121,122, 450, and 18 additional semester hours in History. At least 12 semester hours must be earned in courses numbered 300 and above. Further, students majoring in History must complete two semesters (6 hours) of a foreign language.  This requirement can be met by demonstrating competency through placement tests or AP credit.  History Majors have the option of taking Constitutional Law (POS 343) and one of the following Church History classes (REL 203, REL 207, or REL 310) as hours toward the history major.

Teacher Education Requirements for Social Studies Certification in South Carolina
Students who plan to teach history or social studies at the secondary level must satisfy all of the requirements for the history major (36-42 hours) and must include HIS 240, 250, or 260 and at least one 300- or 400-level course in both American and European History among their electives.

The South Carolina Department of Education requires that History teachers be certified in the more broadly based field of “Social Studies” rather than the more narrowly defined field of “History.” Therefore, students must also take the following courses as preparation for the comprehensive Social Studies certificate necessary to teach in South Carolina : ECO 210 ; POS 121 ; PSY 120; GEO 135 ; SOC 101. (Note that GEO 135 may count toward the 36-42 hours required for a History Major). These courses should be completed (or at least in process) before taking the Praxis II exam during the junior year. In order be certified by the state of South Carolina, candidates must pass all required PRAXIS II series tests and meet all certification requirements.

In addition, students must fulfill all of the Education course requirements for secondary certification. The 40 hours of education courses must include the Social Sciences Methods course, SSC 335. Students should note that to complete a degree in History and the South Carolina certification mandates now requires a minimum of 132 hours.

Candidates should take EDU 224 and EDU 230 during their freshman year. EDU 232 should be taken during the sophomore year. These classes are prerequisites for all other education courses. All candidates must pass, or exempt, Praxis I reading, writing, and mathematics tests and apply for and be admitted to the Teacher Education Program in order to take 300- and 400-level education courses.

Additional courses required for the secondary education concentration are EDU 300, EDU 342, EDU 382, EDU 455, EDU 480, EDU 483. Schedules for otherwise qualified transfer students will be considered on an individual basis.