Newberry College offers a major in Mathematics and minors in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics. The programs of study offered by the department seek to implement the College's objectives that its graduates be proficient in critical analysis, that they communicate effectively, and that they be adequately prepared for a profession/vocation.

“The science of pure mathematics … may claim to be the most original creation of human spirit” Alfred North Whitehead (1861-1947). Mathematics continues to be recognized for its aesthetic appeal to the human spirit and the critical role it plays in understanding our physical universe and the constant development of our technological society. One or both of these reasons continue to attract students of the liberal arts to study mathematics.

The mathematics program at Newberry College offers a rich experience in which majors and non-majors learn to think critically, communicate concepts effectively, and become life-long learners, as well as gain an appreciation for the intrinsic beauty and power of mathematics and its application to other disciplines.

The mathematics program at Newberry College offers four concentrations for the mathematics major: Traditional, Secondary Education, Actuarial Science, and Physics. The program also offers minors in Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics.

As a student majoring in one of our four concentrations, subject to your choice, the coursework prepares you for careers in Actuarial field, Finance, Engineering, Government, Operation Research, Statistics, Teaching and/or graduate school. Our capstone experiences are unique and will engage you in creative work in mathematics that leads to independent learning and research.

The mathematics program offers our students much more than the average academic experience. Our engaging and supportive faculty and small class sizes, allow for a wealth of personal attention. Our program faculty also make a special effort to develop internship and research opportunities for mathematics majors and to encourage students to take advantage of such opportunities.

Michael W. Terrana Competitive Logic and Mathematics Exam

Each year (currently in the Spring semester) the department hosts the Michael W. Terrana Competitive Logic and Mathematics Exam. This exam, named in honor of Dr. Victor Terrana's late father, is a 45 minute, unconventional test of logical and mathematical reasoning skills.  No calculators are allowed; only pen/pencil and brain. The winner receives $100. Second Place receives $50. Flyers with further information and sample problems are posted all over campus or may be obtained from Dr. Vic Terrana.