Program Outcomes

Mathematics Mission Statement

The Mathematics Program offers a rich experience in which majors and non-majors learn to think critically, communicate concepts effectively, and become life-long learners, as well as gain an appreciation for the intrinsic beauty and power of mathematics and their applications to other disciplines.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) for Mathematics

Graduates with a B.S. in Mathematics will able to:
1. Recognize symbols of calculus and their proper use.
2. Apply calculus to model and solve problems.
3. Prove essential theorems of calculus.
4. Read, critique and write proofs.
5. Recognize and manipulate underlying mathematical structure of real world problems.
6. Communicate mathematical knowledge and understanding.
7. Perform abstract mathematical reasoning.
8. Solve mathematical problems using command sequences and scripts within a computer algebra system.
9. Learn independently.

Program Outcomes