Athletic Training

A Pre-Professional program


A Link Between Academic Preparation and Experiential Learning

The Athletic Training Minor offers the ultimate real-life experience through the clinical preparation component supervised by Newberry’s sports medicine staff. This minor is appropriate for students whose future plans include further education in athletic training, chiropractic, medical, or physical therapy school. There is an application process so one would need to  contact Ms. Rebekah Dixon, Curriculum Coordinator for Athletic Training, for further information. 

Curriculum of Athletic Training Minor (19 hours + Clinical Experience) 

The Athletic Training Minor is open to any major at Newberry College through an application process in the fall. To complete the Athletic Training minor, students are required to take 19 hours plus clinical experience courses. 
• 11 hours: PHE 210, 220, 242, 430, and CPR for the Professional Rescuer 
• 8 hours: BIO 215 and 216 
• Students must also complete a minimum of 400 hours of clinical experience. Each semester, accepted students  should enroll in the 0-credit course, PHE 497in order to log their 100 hours of clinical experience for that semester. The Clinical Experience course must be taken a minimum of 4 times. 

• Students are encouraged to take CHE 101, MAT 200, PHY 101, PSY 101, PSY 120, and SOC 101.


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Athletic Training