Physical Education Teacher Certification

Students, who are interested in making a difference in the lives of young people by developing their abilities to lead physically active lifestyles, should consider Physical education/Teacher certification as their major. Benefits of this degreeā€¦

will provide students with an understanding of the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains and how they affect student learning in physical education. Teacher candidates are able to teach to pre-kindergarten thru twelfth grade in the public and private school setting; allowing opportunities to obtain jobs that include both elementary and secondary certifications. This degree also affords individuals the opportunity to seek other career options that may include: personal training, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and other careers in the field of exercise science.

The faculty in this degree is experienced and caring individuals who seek to help students reach their full potential as physical educators and productive members of society. Within this major, students receive personalized attention and experience teaching throughout their time here. The faculty has experience in the public school setting and is able to model that experience to our teacher candidates. Teacher candidates are also afforded the opportunity to attend professional develop conferences and workshops.

Here is a list of our most interesting courses and almost all incorporate hands on learning opportunities. For a complete listing of graduation requirements, please see the Academic Catalog.  For questions, please contact Dr. Carla Cruickshanks, Curriculum Coordinator for Physical Education Teacher Certification. 

PHE 201 Skills and Techniques of Individual and Team Sports (3hrs)
PHE 207 Rhythms and Dance, Games and Gymnastics (3hrs)
PHE 255 Motor Development and Movement education (3hrs)
PHE 302 Adaptive Physical Education (3hrs)
PHE 424 Kinesiology (3hrs)
PHE 430 Exercise Physiology (4 hrs)
PHE 440 Curriculum and Evaluation (3hrs)

Physical Education Teacher Certification