Teacher Education

The Department of Teacher Education is unique in our emphasis innovation and leadership.  We don’t just want to graduate teachers; we strive to produce the best teachers in South Carolina, a state with rigorous licensure standards and reciprocity across the nation.  We are constantly on the move, striving to better our instruction, internships, technology, standards, and graduates.  We work to be at the forefront of what’s next and what’s best in education.  

What is also unique is our commitment to the growth of our students. We do not expect you to find your way on your own. We are here – as teachers, mentors, advisors, and critical friends – to guide and push students in our majors toward optimum performance and success. That commitment does not end at graduation. Newberry College teachers leave us knowing we stay with them, ready to support and provide help through the RETAIN Center of Excellence in their first years of teaching. Newberry College graduates are district and state teachers of the year and leaders in their schools. You will find Newberry College graduates and associates at the highest levels of leadership throughout the state. Our strong reputation is built on the quality and success of our graduates. Every month, we receive calls from employers, scholarship committees, graduate schools, and others looking for our current candidates and graduates.

The Newberry name opens doors and opportunities and connects our students to a large network of alumni. We are also proud of the real-world, practical focus of our programs. We are committed to learning in action. We want our students to be successful in class, but also in the job market, in their families, and in their communities. In the Department of Teacher Education our focus is on teaching and we do it well. We are passionate about what happens in our classrooms and we love working with the diversity of students who choose Newberry College. We work hard to build rigor in our programs and engage today’s student in significant, reflective learning. No student in the Department of Teacher Education will spend a semester in a class lost or bored without someone noticing and offering to help.