All teacher candidates must meet a testing requirement for admission to any teacher education program in South Carolina. Admission to the Newberry College Teacher Education Program is dependent on meeting the minimum score required on one of the tests listed below. These testing requirements will also apply for recipients of the South Carolina Teachers Loan. There are no exceptions to these policies.

Students may meet this requirement in any of the following ways:

  • Students who score the minimum score listed below on any of these tests are exempt from Praxis I: (Minimum Test score required in South Carolina as of September 14, 2006)
  • ACT 24
  • SAT (old version) Verbal + Math = 1100
  • SAT I Verbal + Math + Writing = 1650

Otherwise, the student must take Praxis.

Praxis I

To meet requirements, students must achieve the following scores on Praxis I:

  • Reading = 175, Writing = 173, Math = 172 - Computerized Version
  • Reading = 322, Writing = 319, Math = 317 - Paper and pencil version

Please check the Praxis display outside the Teacher Education Office, 212 McClurg, for registration packets or the Praxis website for testing locations and dates.

It is critical that you list Newberry College (5493) and South Carolina Department of Education (8108) as score recipients for both Praxis I and Praxis II.

Tests at a Glance booklets that include practice test questions for Praxis I and II are available online at and on the Praxis display.

If a student does not meet the minimum scores on the ACT or SAT as listed above, it is necessary for you to take the ACT, SAT, or Praxis I series early in your college career.

To register for the ACT

To register for the SAT

To register for Praxis I

The Computerized PPST is encouraged for several reasons:

  • The testing environment is more private.
  • Students receive score reports on reading and math as the test is completed.
  • Convenience of scheduling test time.
  • Test time is shorter (1.5 hours).

Visit to obtain a list of testing centers. Praxis I tests are given by Prometric Testing Centers (Phone: 803-354-9221) and also by the University of South Carolina (USC), Columbia (Phone: 803-777-2782).

Praxis II

Newberry College Teacher Candidates must take Praxis II content area exams as a graduation requirement.  Candidates are encouraged to take the Praxis II as close to the internship semester as possible. Required Praxis II exams are listed on the South Carolina Department of Education's website: and are posted on the Praxis display outside the Teacher Education Office.

Professional Learning and Teaching (PLT) Requirement effective July 1, 2006

The Principles of Learning and Teaching exam (PLT) is a requirement for South Carolina initial certification. All early childhood and elementary majors should take the K-6 exam. Candidates seeking secondary certification should take the 9-12 exam. Students majoring in areas that lead to certification in grades K-12 should choose either the exam for grades K-6 or 9-12.