Candidate Performance

Newberry College is one of the top twenty-five producers of teachers in the state of South Carolina.  Our graduates are highly respected and sought after at every level.  Each year, programs in the Teacher Education Program review performance data to make continuous improvements to instruction, clinical experiences, and services offered before and after graduation to our candidates.  Changes are reviewed by a wide body of stakeholders, both in and outside the College, including alumni, current student representatives, community members, and public school partners.  

We report teacher preparation data to state and federal governments each year under Title II of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).  See below for data points from our 2014 Title II report, which focuses on performance of our 2012-13 admitted candidates and graduates.  

Please contact Jennifer Morrison, Chair of the Department of Teacher Education, at or (803) 321-5201 with any questions or concerns.  

GPA Indicators

3.17 = Median GPA of candidates admitted to the Teacher Education Program in 2012-13

42 = Number of candidates admitted to the Teacher Education Program in 2012-13 

3.39 = Median GPA of candidates graduating from the Teacher Education program in 2012-13 

2012-13 Graduates by Program 

Program  Number of Graduates  
Early Childhood Education         10
Elementary Education  5
Middle Level Education  4
Music Education   5
Physical Education   12
Secondary Chemistry  1
Secondary English  2
Secondary Mathematics  3
Secondary Social Studies  3

2012-13 Demographics of Admitted Students 

Male = 45%

Female = 56%

Non-White = 23% 

Candidate Performance