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Congratulations to our list of outstanding professors, recently selected by department chairs, to represent their disciplines/departments.

Abdelnaser Al Hasan – Associate Professor of Mathematics, Dept. of Sciences and Mathematics – Ph.D. University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee

Dr. Al-Hasan is Associate Professor and Program Coordinator of Mathematics. His research interests are in Harmonic Analysis (particularly, Singular and Oscillatory integrals), History of Mathematics, Quantitative Literacy, and Undergraduate Mathematics Education. He has published several papers and has given numerous lectures.

Why Study Mathematics?
At Newberry College, students will find that our classes are small so that the faculty in the Mathematics Program can provide ample individualized support to help students be successful in their mathematics courses.

Al de Lachica – Assistant Professor of Communications, Dept. of Arts and Communications – M.A. University of Texas-Austin

Mr. de Lachica worked as a professional musician, spent time working with hundreds of radio stations across the United States for a radio network, and has taught students all aspects of mass media for the past fifteen years. He currently teaches audio and video production in both introductory and advanced courses.

Why Study Communications?
At Newberry College, a Communications student is a name, not a number, and students can begin using our facilities and audio/video equipment their very first semester. By the time students graduate, they will be well prepared in audio and video production, writing for the mass media, public relations, media law, and online media. Caring professionals provide students the attention they deserve and guide them toward their chosen career path.


Sid Parrish – Associate Professor of Chemistry, Dept. of Sciences and Mathematics - Ph.D. University of Florida

Dr. Parrish has been interested in science since he was young; he wanted to know why things were designed the way they were. He became hooked in college when he was given the opportunity to investigate highly reactive molecules. Since then, he has focused his research on analyzing samples of forensic importance and developing materials that can be used in forensic analysis.

Why Study Chemistry?
Students graduate with the knowledge and skills needed to have successful careers and lives. Our graduates are currently employed in forensics/law enforcement, industrial and environmental labs, and high schools; they also have been accepted into nationally renowned graduate and professional programs.  


Jesse Scott – Professor of History, Dept. of Humanities – Ph.D. University of South Carolina

Dr. Scott, recipient of the 2008 SCICU Excellence in Teaching Award and the 2010-2011 Mr. W.C. “Billy” Carter Professorship Award, is a Professor of History who specializes in teaching students about the French Revolutionary/Napoleonic Era and Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.

Why Study History?
Earning a B.A. degree in History at Newberry College not only broadens students’ knowledge of the profession of history, but also enables students to acquire valuable skills that prepare them for employment in a wide variety of careers as well as advanced study in graduate programs and law school.


Paul Smith- Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Dept. of Business, Behavioral and Social Sciences – M.B.A. Webster University

Mr. Smith was awarded the 2011 YEScarolina Teacher of the Year award and the 2010 Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) Teacher of the year award for his commitment to youth entrepreneurship. He teaches marketing, personal finance, entrepreneurship, international business, and strategic management.

Why Study Business?
The Department of Business, Behavioral and Social Sciences at Newberry College prepares students for management and entrepreneurial leadership through scholastic inquiry, internships, and critical analysis.


Lisa Waller – Assistant Professor, Dept. of Teacher Education and Sport Professions – Ph.D. University of South Carolina

Dr. Waller’s real-life teaching experiences, innovative and proven classroom approaches, and comprehensive educational credentials are the basis of her instruction of classes in elementary and middle-level education. In 2012, Dr. Waller was selected by students to receive the Dr. Grady L. Cooper Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Why Enter Teacher Education?
At Newberry College, professors truly care about their students’ success and well-being. In the teacher education program, all students have our cell phone numbers so we are available to them. We strive to do whatever it takes to prepare our students for success while modeling what it means to be an effective teacher.


Peggy Barnes-Winder – Professor of Physical Education, Dept. of Teacher Education and Sport Professions – Ph.D. Touro University International

Dr. Barnes-Winder has been in education for 22 years; a two time NCSGA Teacher of the Year recipient, and a 2011 recipient of the Grady L. Cooper award for academic excellence and service, she believes that helping students realize their full potential is pivotal.

Why Study Sport Professions?
As an alumna of Newberry College, I can honestly say that Newberry is a very special place. Earning a B.S. degree in Teacher Education and Sport Professions (TESP) will allow students the opportunity to obtain an education consisting of broad-based knowledge that will extend beyond the classroom walls and prepare them for engaging careers.




Outstanding Faculty

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