Student Help/FAQ

Student Help/FAQ

Do I need my ID card to use the library? 

You can use the library, computers and the online library resources without having an ID.  However, you will need a valid student ID to check out books or other library materials through Wessels or PASCAL, or to print/photocopy items.

How do I access the databases and other electronic resources from off campus?

You will need a username and password for off campus access.  This information is posted in Wolf Den on the homepage under Messages.   You can also contact the library at (803) 321-5229 or at to obtain this information.  

 How do I find a book?

To find a book, journal, DVD, or other library material, click on the Find Books link located to the right of the library's homepage. This will take you directly to our online catalog.You can search the catalog by subject, title, author, or keyword. For each item, the catalog provides the call number and the location within Wessels Library. If you need help locating books on the shelf, don't hesitate to ask at the library's Front Desk.

To find resources from other academic libraries throughout the state, use the Find Books – PASCAL link.  Follow the simple instructions and your materials will be delivered to the Wessels Library within 2 to 3 business days. You will receive an email when they arrive and you can pick them up at the Front Desk. It's that easy!

Does our library use the Dewey Decimal System like my high school library did?

No. Wessels Library uses the Library of Congress (LOC) Classification System. Here is how the system breaks down the call numbers by subject. If you have questions, ask for help at the Front Desk. 

  • K -- LAW
  • N -- FINE ARTS
  • Q -- SCIENCE
What kinds of books does the library have and how do I find them in the library? 
The library has circulating books, reference books, a children’s collection, music CDs and DVDs as well as magazines and journals.  The chart below shows where each is located within the library. 
Periodicals (Journals)   Main Level 
Books w/ Call Numbers Starting A - JA37  Upper Level
Books w/ Call Numbers Starting JA51 - Z  Lower Level
CD Collection  Main Level 
Reference Collection  Main Level
Juvenile Collection   Main Level
Curriculum Collection  Main Level 
Special Collection  Main Level, located on the side of the Library Commons (always kept locked-ask at Front Desk if you need entrance) 
 Reserve Materials Collection  Main Level, ask at Front Desk 
 Video/DVD Collection  Main Level, ask at the Front Desk
 Photocopier  Main Level, just inside the entrance
 Recreational Reading Collection  Main Level, to the left of the Front Desk 

The library also has an extensive ebook collection as well.

What computer resources does the library offer? My professor requires that I use scholarly articles for my assignments.  What do I do?  How do I find them? 

There are several ways you can find the appropriate types of articles for your assignments.  The best way is to utilize the library’s databases from the Find Databases link on the homepage.  Most databases include articles from magazines, journals and newspapers.  You can easily limit your search to full-text academic or scholarly journals. 

You can also utilize the Find Scholarly Journals link on the homepage to find individual journals that the library subscribes to.  

**Want to know the difference between a scholarly article and a magazine article?  View this excellent short YouTube video created by the Hartness Library serving CCV and Vermont Tech: Scholarly Vs. Popular Sources.

What kind of computer access is available? 

The library currently offers 19 computer workstations. Ten are located in the Learning Commons, six are located upstairs in the upper book stacks, and three are located on the main floor book stacks.The library is on the College's wireless network, so college-networked laptop computers may use a wireless connection. 

How can I save my documents?

Please do not save your work directly to the workstation.  You may save your work to SkyDrive, email it to yourself or save it to a flash drive.  Flash drives are an easy and safe way to save and retrieve your work.  

How do I  print from within the library?

All print requests from the library computers should be sent to the printer entitled: //ruth/MFD_library.  You can also print from your personal laptop, but you must first install the appropriate driver.  Go to the Technology Tab in Wolf Den for installation instructions.  All print jobs are sent to a networked printer located on the main floor.  You will need to scan your valid student ID to retrieve your printing. 

Does it cost to print, scan or photocopy in the library?

At the beginning of each semester, each student is given an allotment of 150 sheets to be used at their discretion. Once this paper is used, the student will have to go to the Accounting Office to have money placed on their cards to pay for additional printing.

Does the library have a fax machine? 

The library utilizes an electronic faxing system via email.  Please contact the Front Desk for additional details.

 Does the library have study rooms I can use? 

Yes, the library has three small study rooms as well as a larger classroom on the lower level.  It also has a conference room on the main floor that you can use.  All room use is on a first come, first served basis. 

FYI - The Student Commons area is located on the main floor.  While students are encouraged to work quietly together, this area is not a quiet study zone.  There is a large common area downstairs on the lower level designated for quiet study. 

Can I return my library books even when the library is not open?

Certainly. Just use the library's book drop located in front of the library's main entrance whenever the library is closed.

Am I fined if my books, etc., are overdue? If so how much?

No, you are not fined on a daily basis.  However, if you fail to return the material, you will be charged for the replacement of the item.  You will need to pay your bill and clear your borrowing record at the end of the semester in order to receive that semester’s final grades, any transcripts you may need, and most importantly, your diploma.  

Please also remember that you are responsible for returning your library books even when the library is closed--just use the overnight book drop located just outside the library's main entrance.

What does it mean when my professor says he/she put something on Reserve at the library for my class to read?

Reserve items, including books, articles, CDs and DVDs, are held behind the Front Desk and loaned on a short-term basis so that all students in a course have equal access to them. Most Reserve items are designated for in-library use or overnight checkout only. Reserve materials can be checked out by asking the library staff member on duty at the Front Desk for the item. Make sure you have either your professor's name or course number when requesting Reserves. You will also need your student ID card to check our Reserve items. 

 I need help with citing sources and creating my bibliography/reference list.  What do I do? 

There is a separate Citation/Bibliography help page to assist you.  Print citation guides are available for in-library use at the front desk.  Several library staff members are citation experts.  Don’t hesitate to ask for their help. 

 What if I am not sure what I need or how to find it?

Just Ask Us! Each one of us has needed to ask for help in a library before. We really hope you"ll feel comfortable at the Wessels Library, and we are here to provide answers to your questions.











Student Help/FAQ