Newberry College’s Pre-Law Program is designed to prepare the future lawyer for one of the most important and rewarding occupations one can undertake.

The Pre-Law Experience

The goals of the Pre-Law program are to prepare the student for law school and to allow the student to become conversant with:

  1. the nature and function of law and legal institutions,
  2. the relation of law to the broader social order, and
  3. the moral and ethical attributes that lawyers should possess so as to secure the health and vitality of the American legal profession.

Pre-Law students take courses that prepare them for law school and they intern with local and hometown lawyers and state and federal attorneys.

The Pre-Law Program

Law schools do not require a certain major or field of specialization. At Newberry College, we want you to select the major that excites your imagination and supplement it with our pre-law courses.

Admission to law schools is becoming more competitive. The Pre-Law curriculum, when combined with a major and the general education requirements, gives the student a solid foundation on which to base his or her application to law school.

In addition to the courses in their major, pre-law students are encouraged to take the following courses in the Pre-Law Curriculum:

Skills-Oriented Courses
  • English Composition & Research
  • Advanced Grammar & Composition 
  • Public Speaking 
  • Statistics 
  • Logic 
  • Accounting
Content-Oriented Courses

  • American Constitutional Law and Civil Liberties
  • International Law 
  • Business Law 
  • American & British History 
  • American Government 
  • Ethics 
  • Economics 
  • Literature 
  • Forensics

Students interested in gaining experience in a legal environment can receive up to 3 hours of college credit for an internship. Internships offer potential law students the opportunity to gain practical experience in law or politics; they can also help students decide whether or not law is the profession they wish to pursue. Advisors in History and Political Science Programs will help interested students secure an internship with area law firms, the U.S. Attorney's office, the U.S. Department of Justice, or a law office in their own hometown. For those interested in lawmaking, the Political Science Department offers internships with the U.S. Congress and the South Carolina legislature.