Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Our pre-veterinary medicine program provides undergraduate students with relevant coursework to help them prepare for a career in veterinary medicine.

Students seeking to apply to a College of Veterinary Medicine should major in biology or chemistry. Completion of courses in biology, chemistry,mathematics, and physics will help prepare students for the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or Veterinary College Admission Test (VCAT). In order to be accepted into most Veterinary Medical Schools an applicant must have completed 90 semester hours of college work. Specific course requirements vary from school to school.

South Carolina does not have a Veterinary School; therefore, South Carolina residents must attend an out-of-state Veterinary school. However, students maybe considered in-state residents for tuition purposes at the University of Georgia, Tuskegee University (Alabama), and Mississippi State University.

Recommended Coursework

Students should consider the following courses in preparation for application to Vet school.

  • BIO 121: Biological Science (4 hours)
  • BIO 122: Zoology (4 hours)
  • BIO 212: Microbiology(4 hours)
  • BIO 220: Pharmacology and Toxicology (3 hours)
  • BIO 315: Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy (4 hours)
  • BIO 321: Animal Development (4 hours)
  • BIO 331: Cell Biology (4 hours)
  • BIO 342: Immunology (4 hours)
  • BIO 301: Biochemistry (4 hours)
  • CHE 113-114: General Chemistry (8 hours)
  • CHE 231-232: Organic Chemistry (8 hours)
  • MAT 211: Calculus I - Differential Calculus (4 hours)
  • PHY 213-214: Physics for Science and Engineering Students (8 hours)

Pre-Veterinary Medicine