Values Based Learning

At Newberry College, Values Based Learning means promoting within students the sense of living in response to a call to community involvement that is rooted in the individual’s deepest values. As a Lutheran-affiliated institution, Newberry nurtures what Martin Luther called “Christian Vocation.” He used this term to indicate all of us, not just ordained ministers, are called to serve.


The mission of the Values Based Learning Program is to prepare students to be active, engaged citizens, by incorporating service-learning into their educational experiences in a way that celebrates Martin Luther's concept of "Christian Vocation."

To serve our mission, we:

  • Foster collaboration among faculty, staff, students, campus organizations, athletics teams, and community partners.
  • Connect service to Martin Luther's assertion that we are called to serve and that service is rooted in our deepest values.
  • Promote the use of service-learning as a teaching and learning method and to nurture characteristics necessary for life-long engagement in the community:
    • Commitment to democracy
    • Openness to diverse points of view
    • Knowledge of current events
    • Willingness to work with others
    • Compassion and service to others

The Values Based Learning (VBL) Program was initiated by former Vice President of Academic Affairs Frank McCoy to enhance the college’s mission of preparing students for service to the world as well as the church and to foster skills of leadership and civic engagement. The college wants and expects students to understand the nature of citizenship within democratic institutions and to have the desire and ability to make a difference in their communities and beyond. A grant from Thrivent Financial for Lutherans helped launch the VBL program.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students completing service-learning projects will be able to:
1.       Connect knowledge and skills from classes to real-world issues in a service setting.
2.       Explain the skills, traits, and attitudes necessary for effective citizenship.
3.       Learn and refine their conception of personal and social responsibility necessary to sustain and deepen democracy.
4.       Develop and demonstrate the ability to reflect on the Lutheran concept of vocation as a call to service in all roles we play.

Community Partners
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For more information about Newberry College and our Values Based Learning Program, please contact one of the following:

Admissions/Financial Aid Counselor
1-800-845-4955 ext. 5127

Values Based Learning Program Department Chair