Financial Aid Application Process

Steps for Applying for Financial Aid at Newberry College

  1. Apply for admission to Newberry College

  2. Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). 
    Newberry College's school code is 003440. You can complete the FAFSA online by going to after January 1 of the year you are applying. This is the most important step in completing your financial aid request. It is the basis for federal and state financial aid. Much of Newberry's Federal Aid is first-come first-serve, so complete this early!

  3. Review the SAR (Student Aid Report). 
    Once you complete the FAFSA the Department of Education will mail or email you the results along with messages and possibly errors that need corrected in a report called the Student Aid Report.

  4. Submit your Verification Documents. 
    Once you complete the FAFSA the department of education may select you for Verification. If you are selected, we will alert you and inform you of any items we may need.  It is very important that you submit these to us as quickly as possible.

  5. Complete your Financial Aid Processing Online!

Congratulations!!! If you have followed these steps you should have your balanced covered by the payment date!

Remember that your Admissions and Financial Aid Counselors at Newberry College are here to assist you. You can reach us at 1-800-845-4955 during our regular business hours Monday – Friday 8:00 to 5:000 EST. or by email at