Tuition and Fees

Fees are based on two semesters in the regular, nine month academic year. Tuition is charged to all full-time students and covers a variety of benefits for which part-time students are not eligible. Full-time tuition covers the cost for the degree-seeking student who carries a course load of 12 to 18 semester hours.

2014-2015 Tuition and Other Fees


Tuition  $22,500
Student Fees  $1800
Total Off Campus  $24300
 Room (Double Occupancy)  $4,700
 Board  $4,600
 Total On Campus  $33,600

2014-2015 Room Rates

 Room Rates are based on a 10 month occupancy.  

Double Room(Brokaw, Cromer, Derrick,  Kinard, and Smeltzer)  $4,700 
Single Room( Brokaw, Cromer, Derrick, Kinard, and Smeltzer)  $6,300
Suites(Cromer, and Kinard)  $6,300
Walker Hall 4 Person  $6,500
Walker Hall 2 Person   $7,200
Walker Hall 2 Person Private  $7,700
Oakland Mill 4 Person Private Bedroom


Oakland Mill 4 Person Shared Bedroom $6,100
Oakland Mill 3 Person Private Bedroom  $7,600
Oakland Mill 2 Person Private Bedroom  $7,900
Oakland Mill 2 Person Shared Bedroom  $6,700
 12 Month Lease  +800



2013 Summer Rates
 May Term Tuition per hour  $300
 Summer Term Tuition per hour  $300
 May Term Housing  $525
 Summer Term (Single) Housing  $650
 Summer Term (Double) Housing  $435
 Academic Commons Fee (per Term)  $125