The Newberry College Board of Trustees has approved a tuition promise that will ensure affordability for current and future students. This promise freezes current tuition rates for the 2013 freshman class and currently enrolled students. Students will not see an increase in tuition for the 4 consecutive years they attend the College, or the remainder of their undergraduate career. Incoming transfer students will also receive a similar guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will the tuition freeze affect the incoming classes of 2014, transfers, and beyond? The tuition freeze affects current students, the incoming class of 2013, and transfers. Tuition decisions for future classes will be made during the upcoming academic year.
Will other costs, such as fees, room, and board, increase while tuition is frozen? While tuition will be locked in for four consecutive years of undergraduate study; the Board of Trustees has vowed to keep any future increases in room, board and fees at a minimum to provide greater stability to the student and family.
Will the tuition freeze affect the amount of financial aid I can receive from Newberry College ? No. Newberry College offers merit-based scholarships based on a student's GPA, SAT, or ACT scores. Need-based aid is provided to students who file the FAFSA and who demonstrate financial need.
How will the tuition freeze affect part-time students? Students in the Fast Forward Program? The tuition freeze will not affect part-time students or students in the Fast Forward program. Regular tuition rates apply.
How will current students' tuition be affected by the tuition freeze - including those in programs that require more than four years to complete? Current students' tuition will be locked by the tuition freeze through their fourth year of study at Newberry College. For example, a current sophomore will have three years with tuition locked at the current tuition rate; a current junior will have two years, etc.
What if my program of study takes more than four years to complete? Current and incoming students’ tuition will be locked through the normal four-year cycle of traditional undergraduate study. Requests for an extension to that locked tuition will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
For more information or to speak with an admissions counselor or financial aid officer, please call 1-800-845-4955.

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