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Newberry is one of the safest cities in South Carolina and we have a very active security team, so you can feel comfortable parking, driving, and walking around campus.

All vehicles parked on campus must be registered. All student and faculty staff parking permits are issued by the Chief of Security. You must first register your vehicle on Wolf Den and your permit will be assigned and placed in the student’s campus mailbox. The faculty and staff will have theirs delivered to their locations. If you have any questions concerning parking, call the Chief of Security at 803-321-5602 or go by his office in Derrick Hall office # 7.

  • All parking permits will be $120.00.
  • All parking will be classified as student, faculty/staff, reserved, visitor and handicap parking only.
  • Designated, residential and commuter parking areas have been changed to student parking only.
  • All white lined spaces and graveled lots are for students.
  • All students are required to have a Newberry College parking decal affixed to their vehicle to park on college property.
  • All faculty/staff red spaced parking on the entire campus is 24/7/365 including nights, weekends, holidays and breaks. All others will be ticketed and towed at owner’s expense. Students are not allowed to park in a red space or reserved parking space at any time.
  • All faculty/staff are required to have a faculty staff decal affixed to their vehicle on the right side lower corner of the front windshield.
  • All reserved spaces are for the college officials on the signage in front of the reserved parking space 24/7/365.

To assist in understanding the topic of parking and transportation at Newberry College, this is a review of parking policies, procedures and regulations. All regulations are subject to change at any time, without notice, as new parking issues may arise throughout the year. Every effort will be made to notify the campus community of any changes. In order to be parked legally on property owned by Newberry College, you must purchase and correctly display a valid Newberry College permit. To correctly display a parking permit, the permit must be fully adhered to the outside top right hand corner of the rear window with the permit fully visible. The college assumes no responsibility for care of, damage to, and/or protection of any vehicle or its contents at any time while it is operated or parked on campus. All vehicles should be locked when left unattended and valuables should be removed.Parking and driving on Newberry College property are permitted in accordance with the regulations and information contained in the Parking Services Guide and the website, which are designed to maximize the use of parking space and assist in maintaining lots.

Newberry College reserves the right to ticket, tow, and or immobilize any vehicle in violation of established parking regulations at the owner’s expense. This includes the right to collect any fines or fees associated with the ticketing, towing and or immobilization of a vehicle. In addition, persistent violators may have their parking privileges revoked. Vehicles parking on Newberry College property that accumulate over 3 violations will be ticketed and towed beginning on the 4th violation and each time a violation is issued to the same vehicle thereafter.  Vehicles with student decals parked in a red faculty/staff space will be ticketed and towed on the first and subsequent violations. Continued and blatant disregard for Newberry College parking regulations is unacceptable and subject to ticketing and towing. Vehicles whose owner cannot be identified through motor-vehicle records or whose owner is not a current student or employee may be towed without notice at the driver’s expense any time the vehicle is found parked on the college campus. In addition, if the operator is found to be a student, unpaid tickets will be billed to the student’s account and a financial hold may be placed on the student’s record until all outstanding fines are paid, thus preventing registration and access to transcripts.

Vehicles are subject to ticketing towing at any time for any of the following violations:

  • Students parking in a faculty/staff space
  • Failure to move a vehicle during lot closing or lot renovation
  • Illegally parked in a handicap space
  • Parking in a fire lane
  • Parking in a reserved space
  • Parking in a visitor space
  • Others may be towed as depending on the circumstance at the time. VISITOR AND TEMPORARY PARKING PERMITS

It is the responsibility of the students, faculty and staff to make sure their visitors and guests know the visitor parking regulations and assist them in obtaining the proper permits.
All visitor parking permits for those that are visiting students, departments and officials are issued by campus security. Call campus security at 803-940-0672 to meet your visitor at the Brokaw Hall security office. Temporary parking passes will also be issued by campus security at the Brokaw Hall security office. Faculty and staff may also obtain the visitor pass for your visitor from security before they arrive on campus.
A visitor permit will be issued to the visitor with instructions where to place the permit and where to park.


Use of handicapped parking spaces are restricted to those vehicles with a state-issued handicapped license plate or displaying a state-issued placard. South Carolina state law requires enforcement of handicapped parking spaces on a 24-hour basis, seven days a week, including holiday periods. Quick errands, deliveries or drop-offs are not valid excuses for parking in or obstructing handicapped spaces. Vehicles parked in spaces designated for the handicapped without this permit will be ticketed and towed by the Newberry College Campus Security.

Appeals must be made filed within five (5) days from the date of the violation or the right to appeal is forfeited. Appeals forms can be found on HERE . All appeals are to be made to the Chief of Security by email at

Students, staff and faculty are required to know all parking rules and regulations as stated in the Newberry College Student Handbook.  Habitual or serious violations may result in the loss of campus parking privileges.

Contact Info

Student and Faculty/Staff Parking Permits
Paul Whitman,Chief of Campus Security
Derrick Hall Office #7                                                                                                        
Phone: 803-321-5602
Fax: 1-800-507-2027

Hours of Operations:
Monday- Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.