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How to Report a Crime or Emergency

To report a crime or an emergency on campus, call Campus Security. For anonymous reporting, go to the Security web Page and click on C.A.T.S. (College Anonymous Tip Site) Campus Security officers respond to all reports of crimes and emergencies and complete an “Incident Report” for any crime occurring on College property. As a service to the campus community, if requested by the complainant a Security report is filed with the Newberry Security Department.

Call 911 and or Campus Security if:

  • Someone is injured or ill
  • You see fire or smell smoke
  • You see something suspicious
  • Someone is hurting another
  • You see someone stealing something or vandalizing property
  • You have something stolen

If you are not sure if security is needed, call to let us respond and assess the situation. Call quickly. Don’t assume someone else has made the call. Try to provide accurate detailed information about the problem. Stay on the line until the dispatcher or the officer says it is ok to hang up. Depending upon the type of emergency the Campus Security officer may also request assistance from the Newberry Police Department, Fire Department or EMS. The Security 24/7 phone number is 803-940-0672 to report an emergency from on campus phones is extension 5600 or 803-940-0672.

Need to contact a security officer?
  • 803-940-0672 or ext. 5600(from on-campus) for emergency help
  • 803-321-5600 or 803-940-0672 (from on-campus) for non-emergency assistance
  • 911(from off-campus) for emergency help
  • 803-940-0672 or 803-321-5600 (from off-campus) for non-emergency assistance

Security officers are equipped with radios and cell phones. Dial 5600 from an on-campus phone or (803) 940-0672. From an off-campus phone dial (803) 321-5600 or (803) 940-0672.

Security should be notified of any problems or crimes committed on the campus as well as calling 911 in the event of an emergency.

Paul Whitman - Director of Security


Allied Barton Security

Captain Von Hiller

Officer Fred Frick

Officer Moses Wise

Officer Johnnie Caldwell

Officer Bill Gilmore

Officer Michael Kennedy

Have you seen something we need to know about?

Please fill out the College Anonymous Tips by clicking on C.A.T.S. in the above right column on the current page.