Newberry College Students Attend the National Noyce Conference

June 26, 2012

Newberry, S.C.- Newberry College students and others recently attended the National Robert Noyce Teaching Scholarship Conference in Washington, D.C. The conference offers opportunities for Noyce Scholars around the country to network and learn from each other as well as present poster sessions about their work as scholars.   
Newberry College students and RE-MAST Noyce Scholars in attendence were, Adrienne Long, Kelli Frank, Bill Glace and Patrick Clark along with Sherri Kennedy, master teacher and Enevelyn Hyatt, mentor teacher from Dutch Fork High School.
Adrienne Long, math major, presented a poster on how her time as a RE-MAST summer intern in 2010 motivated her to change her major from music to mathematics.
"The most significant learning for me was that there are a lot of people walking in the
same shoes as I am. It put me more at ease with the choices I am making with my
degree as a math major with a music minor," said Adrienne.
Bill Glace, math major, presented a poster with his student internship mentor, Enevelyn Hyatt, on the Flipped Classroom. Patrick Clark, biology education major, presented a poster on the use of technology to motivate high school biology students.
Sherri Kennedy presented a session called Maximizing Models in Mathematics as well as a poster session on the progress made in year three of REMAST."Representing Newberry College and the RE-MAST grant team was quite an honor for me. The professional growth that I have seen in our scholars over time makes me so proud to be a part of this project and the work we are doing to train future mathematics and science teachers," said Sherri.
RE-Mast is starting its 3rd year on the campus of Newberry College and the program has graduated six new high school math and science teachers. Cindy Johnson and Tina McCartha are the principal investigators on this grant from the National Science Foundation totaling $900,000 over five years.

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