Tuition Freeze Approved by Newberry College Board of Trustees

June 26, 2013

The Newberry College Board of Trustees has approved a tuition promise that will ensure affordability for current and future students. This promise freezes current tuition rates for the 2013 freshman class and currently enrolled students. Students will not see an increase in tuition for the four consecutive years they attend the College, or the remainder of their undergraduate career. Incoming transfer students will also receive a similar guarantee.

“This tuition promise will guarantee affordability and predictability for students and their families, making a quality education at Newberry College more accessible,” said Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Hap Pearce.

Although the tuition promise does not include price increases for room, board and possible student fees, Pearce said that “the Board of Trustees has agreed unanimously to take any actions necessary to keep these increases to a minimum.”

This newly unveiled plan is an institutional promise to protect continuing and new students from further tuition increases while pursuing an undergraduate degree.

“We understand the pressures involved in pursuing a college education and want to minimize the financial challenges as much as possible,” said Newberry College

President, Maurice Scherrens. “By removing the obstacle of uncertainty about the price of attending college we hope the students can focus their attention on achieving the best possible college education.”

The Board of Trustees vote keeps tuition at $22,050 for the 2013-2014 academic year, not including the cost of room, board and additional student fees. Each year, approximately 96% of all Newberry undergraduate students receive institutional aid in the form of academic, departmental, leadership, service, athletic and other merit based scholarships, as well as need based grants, totaling approximately $12 million.

Newberry College recently sparked national attention with the announcement of a new major in Social Media. Other new academic offerings include a B.S. in Accounting and a minor in Athletic Training. The athletic department has announced the addition of women’s Field Hockey for 2013-2014 and the new women’s Lacrosse team begins NCAA Division II play next month. The College also launched a recruiting effort to grow the dance team and marching band, providing students with a broad student life experience. 

For those students who have not yet made their college decision, Newberry College is still accepting applications for the fall of 2013. Newberry College offers a strong liberal arts education with a foundation of values-based learning in a great southeastern location.

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