Biology Professor Dr. Charles Horn

March 07, 2013

The following article was written by student, Kayla Phlegar and published in the Newberry Observer, for more information click here.

NEWBERRY — In 1986, biologist Charles Horn heard about Newberry College while attending an Association of Southeastern Biologists conference. Twenty six years later, Dr. Charles Horn is one of the most prominent members of the Newberry College faculty.

Horn, a professor of biology, teaches a wide range of subjects: botany, zoology, ecology, environmental science, and field biology. Horn also participates in the Summerland Honors Program, teaching the science portion of its curriculum.

But there’s more to Horn’s work at Newberry than his classroom duties. He is director of the Newberry College Green Team, helping students collect recyclables from different locations around campus for disposal. Horn’s efforts have put an emphasis on recycling across campus.

As a faculty member, Horn is also a strong voice in faculty governance, and has served on many faculty committees through the years.

Horn says his favorite part about teaching is the opportunity to interact with so many different students. He “enjoys the challenge of getting them excited about learning.”

Students say they enjoy learning from him.

“Dr. Horn is a great teacher, and I learned a lot in his botany class,” says Megan Gregory, a junior biology major. “His love for the subject shines through his teaching, and inspires his students to want to know more.”

Senior biology major Jessie Baldwin agrees.

“Dr. Horn is very understanding, and wants the best for each of his students,” she said. “He will go out of their way to ensure they are successful.”

As a researcher, Horn has published information on his study of rare plants from South Carolina, including drooping sedge, leatherwood, may white azalea, and columbo. He has also been credited with recognizing a new species, round leaf mud plantain.

Horn’s efforts aren’t just on the Newberry College campus. He serves on the advisory board of Lynch’s Woods Park, and is helping develop a stewardship plan for the park.

“It is great that doing the things I love the most can be considered part of my job,” Horn says.

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