Spring Commencement 2014

May 05, 2014

This year’s spring commencement speakers were very special to the Class of 2014. They were two of their fellow classmates – Brunes Charles and Hannah Rohrer. 

Charles, a communications major and minor in music, is a leader both on and off campus.  He has served as Team Captain of the men’s basketball team, vice-president of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee, and as a mentor at the YMCA and at local elementary schools. Rohrer, an elementary education major, is very active on campus as demonstrated by her membership and participation in Kappa Delta Sorority, the Student Life Committee, and her service as captain of the cross country team.

Both of these esteemed students were nominated and selected by their peers and professors.

In recognition for service to Newberry College, Newberry community, and his dedication to education and learning, Mr. Billye West was presented an Honorary Doctor of Business. West is a former Board of Trustee’s member and is the founder of West Electrical Contractors. 

Recipients of the Senior Class Awards included, Dr. Sandy Scherrens and business administration major, Matthew Padgett who both received the Dr. L. Grady Cooper award.  Others included, the Mary Mildred Sullivan award was presented to English major, Samantha Parrish and John Michael Fowler, Jr., also an English major, received the Algernon Sydney Sullivan award.  The Dr. George B. Cromer award was given to mathematics major, Casey Stevens. 

Also during the ceremony, Dr. Joseph A. McDonald received the title of Professor Emeritus of Sociology.

A president’s reception was held on the portico of Holland Hall in honor of our graduates and honorees, immediately following the ceremony.

To view photos of Spring Commencement click here!

Stephanie Adams, Communications
Susana Aguirre, Business Administration
Javier Alcocer, Mathematics/Education
Maria Andonie, Nursing
Davis Bagwell, Biology
Kristin Balish , Physical Education/Leisure Services
Jacquline Beaver, Business Administration/Organizational Management
Aditya Bhonsle Business Administration and Accounting
Vinicius Botelho , Business Administration
Corey Bradshaw, Biology
Beth Briggs, English
Alaina Brown, Chemistry/Forensic Science
Joshua Brown, Political Science
Kendra Brown, Physical Education/Sport Management
Braden Carter, Psychology
Mohammed Chakir, Business Administration
Brunes Charles, Communications
Elizabeth Chastain, Music Education
Justin Cheek, Communications
Kyle Christian, Physical Education/Sport Management
Joel Clonts, Business Administration/Organizational Management
Christopher Creel, Business Administration/Organizational Management
Rebecca Cromer, Early Childhood Education
Brittny Cunningham, Indivicualized
John Dais, Sociology
Thomas Daniels , Communications
Arthur Darby, Business Administration
David Davis, Physical Education/Sport Management
Darius Dawkins, Physical Education/Leisure Services
April Dewalt, Psychology
Zelma Dewalt, Business Administration
Byron Dickerson, Physical Education/Sport Management
Justin Dodson, Music Education
Alisa Dunovant, Music Education and Psychology
Erin Eisenhauer, Business Administration
Dureal Elmore, Business Administration
Russell Feaster, Physical Education/Leisure Services
Estalana Fladger, Nursing
John Fowler, English
Taylor Fraser, Psychology
Matthew Gaine, Physical Education/Sport Management
Ellie Gleeson, Psychology
Stephen Goodwin, Chemistry/Biochemistry Biology
Jaimie Grant, Nursing
Emilee Gray, Nursing
LaQuintin Griffin, Communications
Victoria Griffin, Sociology
Ashante Grimes , Biology
Joseph Grisko, Sociology
Victoria Hall, Nursing
Krista Hallback, Early Childhood Education
Samantha Harmon, Early Childhood Education
David Harrington, Business Administration
Megan Hawkins, Individualized
Desmond Hayes, Art/Graphic Design
Casey Hendrix , Nursing
John Hill, Music Theory
Christie Hodges , English
Parker Hollister, Music Education and Church Music
Michael Hopkins, Elementary Education
Kayla Hopper, Psychology
Lee Houston, Mathematics and Business Administration
Kaitlyn Hudson , Psychology
Taylor Hudson, Early Childhood Education
Dominique Jacobs, Business Administration
Karen Johnson, Nursing
Matthew Jolly, Physical Education/Teacher Certification
Charles Kane, Business Administration
Calahan Kirkhart, Physical Education/Teacher Certification
Jeffrey Kiser, Business Administration
David Lamb, Business Administration
John Langford, Physical Education/Teacher Certification
James Lever, Physical Education/Teacher Certification
Alex Lichtenberg, Business Administration
Jason Livingston, Business Administration
Trey Livingston, Business Administration
Kyle Mackey, Business Administration
Sam Mallard, History/Education
Kaleigh Margita , Chemistry/Biochemistry
Brandon Martin , Business Administration
Kaylee Mayer, Nursing
Isaac Mazyck, Psychology
Matthew McCann, Physical Education/Sport Management
Jordan McDonnell, Business Administration
Geovese McKnight, Business Administration/Organizational Management
Kaila Meador, Nursing
Phadre Middleton, Elementary Education
William Mills, Communications
Markita Minor, Accounting and Business Administration
Miranda Mistoler, Biology
Zachary Morgan , Business Administration
Emily Mullins, Psychology
Donette Nedd, Nursing
Shannon Newman, Biology
Juliette Nguyen , Elementary Education
Heather O'Brien, History and English
Fraser O'Connor, Business Administration
Heeley Ott, Early Childhood Education
Marley Ott, Accounting and Business Administration
Matthew Padgett, Business Administration
James Page, Theatre/Technical
Samantha Parrish, English
Brittany Phillips, Physical Education/Teacher Certification
David Pitman, Business Administration/Organizational Management
Jessica Pressley, Nursing
Christopher Priest, Chemistry
Jessica Pye, Music Education
Keisha Rainey-Taylor, Business Administration
Benjamin Redden, Business Administration/Organizational Management
Ashley Reetz, Religion and Philosophy/Philosophy
Emily Rickenbaker, Biology
Adam Roberts, International Studies
Douglas  Roberts, Psychology
Kenneth Robinson, Applied Music
Terri Roby, Business Administration/Organizational Management
Hannah Rohrer, Elementary Education
Sarah Roper, Biology
Lisa Ross, Physical Education/Sport Management
Ebrahim Sadek, Political Science
Brian Sanders, Psychology
Anthony Santilli, Biology
Michael Sexton, Chemistry/Biochemistry
Lauren Singleton, Nursing
Kevin Sinkler, Physical Education/Leisure Services
Rae Cheryl Smith, Nursing
Chelsea Starnes, Elementary Education
Casey Stevens, Mathematics
Christine Sullivan, Psychology
Patrick Sweatt, Business Administration
Chelsea Taylor, Psychology
Devanee Taylor , Physical Education/Sport Management
Troy Temples, Psychology
Patrick Tenny, Church Leadership/Youth Ministry
Anderson Trimmier, Communications
David Walters, Physical Education/Leisure Services
Morgan Wicker, Middle Level Education/Mathematics
Joshua Willingham, Business Administration
Jennifer Wise, Nursing
Lindsey Workman, Mathematics and Psychology
Jennifer Yancey, Business Administration
William Yarborough, Sociology

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