Partnership With The Protocol School Of Washington

March 08, 2011

Newberry College announced that it has begun a partnership with The Protocol School of Washington, the leading accredited school that provides professional, universally-accepted protocol and etiquette training. As part of the collaboration, Newberry students can enroll in a series of workshops called the Professional Success Strategies Certificate Program.

The Protocol School of Washington President and Director Pamela Eyring is now serving as an "expert-in-residence" at Newberry, leading workshops for students on etiquette and protocol, including topics such as personal and electronic communications skills, professional attire and presentation, networking, and situational courtesy and decorum. Lessons can be reviewed beyond the classroom through the Protocol School's e-learning modules, which reinforce what the students learned in class.

"Newberry provides students with a personal, transformative learning experience that prepares them to be future citizen leaders and professionals," Newberry College President Dr. V. Scott Koerwer said. "Now, our students have the opportunity to engage in top-level protocol and etiquette programs that will have significant impact in preparing them for success in the future."

The workshops, co-sponsored by the Student Government Association, were brought to campus by the career services, academic affairs and admissions departments. Upon completion of these sessions, available to students free of charge, participants receive a certificate for completing the series. Eyring is also leading professional and team development workshops for the Newberry faculty members.

About The Protocol School of Washington

The Protocol School of Washington, founded by Dorothea Johnson, is the first company to provide professional etiquette and protocol training and certification. Since 1988, more than 3,000 men and women have been trained, certified, and licensed to use the school's comprehensive training manuals, workbooks, and support materials. Graduates of The Protocol School of Washington are providing the highest-quality programs available. Located in the United States and 45 other countries, many graduates are featured on major television networks and radio, and in publications worldwide.

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