PE Students Start Program For Local Home Schoolers

April 30, 2011

Newberry, S.C. – During the spring 2011 semester, the Newberry College Physical Education Department started a Physical Activity program for home school students from Newberry and the surrounding counties.

The PHE 255 Motor Development class had the opportunity to plan and implement lessons unique to students of all skill levels. The skills taught by the students ranged anywhere from jump roping to throwing to tennis.

The Motor Development class also had the opportunity to not only observe each others’ lesson and skills being taught through this program, but they have also had the unique opportunity to critique the lessons and provide constructive feedback to help in developing each student’s effective teaching styles.

“This program has allowed the students to implement their lessons they have planned into real life experiences. It has shown them the importance of being well prepared for anything within the classroom setting” says Dr. Carla Cruickshanks, Assistant Professor of Physical Education.

From this program, students are able to apply knowledge learned in the classroom to assist them with real life experiences and it has served as a growing experience for these students in becoming future professional educators.

“Dr. Cruickshanks has done an excellent job at getting the home school program up and running. We are excited about the opportunity to reach out to the community and look forward to the program growing in the near future” says Dr. Peggy Barnes-Winder, Chair of the Department of Physical Education.

"The home school experience was fantastic. the kids were great and it was a really good teaching and learning experience!" said Newberry student Shelley Jeffcoat.

The home school students are from Newberry and surrounding counties. A total of 15 students ranging from 6 to 16 years old participated in the physical activity program in its first run.

"We have been fortunate to have 15 students for our first time and hope to build the physical activity program to a year-round program that will benefit the students of Newberry College and the surrounding communities," Dr. Barnes-Winder said.

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