Newberry College Trustee Elected as President of the Federation of the Korean American Associations of the U.S.

September 27, 2011

Newberry, SC - Newberry College has announced the election of Trustee Eugene Chin Yu as the new president of the Federation of the Korean American Associations of the U.S. Yu has been a trustee at the College since 2008.


After a two-day trial period in Fairfax County, Va., Circuit Court Judge Jane Roush ruled Yu to be the 24th president of the association. In the position, Yu will act as a sitting member of the Korean Congress where he will be a full voting member representing the 3.5 million Korean-Americans living in the U.S.


“Mr. Yu has played an active role as a trustee here at Newberry, and we’re ecstatic to see that he will be able to make a great impact representing the U.S. in his home country of Korea,” Newberry College President Dr. V. Scott Koerwer said. “His presence on the Board of Trustees is an accurate reflection of Newberry College and the diverse cultures we foster within our educational ecosystem here on campus.”


Having emigrated to Augusta, Ga. at eight years old, Yu has been active in Korean-American affairs most of his life as a member of the National Unification Advisory Council for the Republic of Korea, and as president and CEO of the Korean Association for the Southeastern U.S. He also played an important role in the building of a Korean War memorial in Augusta in the early 1990’s. 


Yu is currently the president, CEO and owner of Continental Military Services Inc. (CM Services) in Augusta, and is also the marketing/sales consultant at General Purpose Vehicles, where he markets and sells wheeled armored vehicles to Korean and Egyptian military. He is a graduate of Harvard University’s Executive MBA program.

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