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Student Disability Services

Office of Disability Services 


The Office of Disability Services works with students to maximize their ability and opportunity while attending Newberry College. 


Our Mission 


The mission of Disability Services in the Center for Student Success is to empower students to seek academic and personal success through maximizing ability and encouraging full participation of those students with disabilities. Services are offered to students with various exceptionalities as they navigate the varying demands of the Newberry College experience. Length of services may vary from a short period of time to the entire length of a student’s academic tenure at Newberry College.




As a student working toward a post- secondary degree, legally colleges and universities are not allowed to inquire about a student’s disability status during the admittance process. As a result, as a student with a disability, it is your sole responsibility to self-identify and advocate for the services needed to promote student success. 




An advocate is someone who supports a cause or policy, which encompasses self-advocacy, pleading or defending themselves. Self-advocacy is a student first identifying as a student with a disability, then being a champion for themselves by requesting accommodations, meeting with the Coordinator of Disability Services and then following up with faculty and staff, as needed. A critical component of self-advocacy is being aware of how one's disability impacts them academically in the classroom and then taking initiative to ensure they are receiving the services/accommodations that best meet their needs. 




Parents and guardians are a critical component to all aspects of the educational trajectory, however, that involvement does shift once a student becomes 18 years of age and are admitted to a college or university. At that time, parents and guardians are not legally allowed access to a student's educational information. The Federal Education and Right to Privacy Act (FERPA) is an Act that allows for the release of private and confidential information to specified persons. Families are allowed to access information, if a student has signed a release of information form. If you are in need of a release of information form, please stop by the Center for Student Success. 


Common Accommodations 


The Center for Student Success at Newberry College is committed to the academic and social success of all students, ensuring an environment where students can receive quality services through various programs and outreach. Many students reach that success through access in and outside of the academic setting. In order to ensure that access, students who have self-identified, registered with Disability Services, and provide proper documentation have access to accommodations. Some of the more equitable and common accommodations can be found below. 


  1. Providing a distraction free environment for test taking
  2. Providing additional time to complete course tasks
  3. Permission to audio record lecture 
  4. Access to laptop/tablet for notetaking
  5. Notes provided (professor provides student with copy of lecture notes/PowerPoint) 
  6. Priority Seating 
  7. Substitution of courses 
  8. Access to printed material/media (i.e. Braille, audio versions, etc.)


Contact Information

LaShawn Hanes, 803.321.5277 

Coordinator of Disability Services

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