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Capital Campaign

Your gift makes a difference.

Impact the Student Experience

Our alumni are family, and family means you matter. When we at Newberry College accepted you as a student, we made the promise to help you achieve your goals. Our job as family is to be there for each other.

Enhance Our Facilities

Our campus is beautiful, but old, and it’s time to upgrade to better serve both our students and our outstanding faculty. If we can bring the facilities up to where they should be, we will have one of the best colleges in the country.

Boost Our Local Community

Newberry College is a huge part of the Newberry community, both economically and socially. When we grow, the community prospers.

Enhance Our Programs

Newberry education is a personal challenge to every student in pursuit of knowledge who possesses the drive to live and learn with purpose, and your gift ensures that our programs always have the best teachers and the latest technology.

Campaign Details

Be a Part of Our Progress

Our revitalization efforts will elevate our school and benefit our students. The updates we have planned will improve our campus, allow us to attract and retain the best educators, and expand programs that help students thrive. Together, we will create a new generation of successful Newberry graduates.

Phase 1

Speers Street School

$2.5 Million

Science, Math & Nursing Building

$8 Million

Center for Athletic and Academic Achievement

$8 Million

Annual Fund/Endowment

$1.5 Million

Phase 2

Campus Life Complex

$7.5 Million

Wiles Theatre & Wiles Chapel

$2.5 Million

Smith Road Complex

$1.5 Million

Annual Fund/Endowment

$3.5 Million

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