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Military Aid

VA Benefits – Types of Benefits Available

There are a number of benefit plans available for eligible veterans. An overview of the ones most often used for enrollment at Newberry College is provided below. More detailed information about each program and its eligibility requirements is available at the Department of Veterans' Affairs Web site at

  • The Post 9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33): The Post-9/11 GI Bill is for individuals with at least 90 days of aggregate service or individuals discharged with a service-connected disability after 30 days on or after September 11, 2001. Veterans, active-duty service members, and their spouses and dependents may be eligible for these benefits. Additional financial assistance is available for eligible veterans through Newberry College’s participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program
  • The Montgomery GI Bill (Chapter 30): Active Duty Educational Assistance Program, generally for individuals who entered active duty after June 30, 1985 and served continuously for three years or for individuals serving two years on active duty followed by four years of Selected Reserve. To be eligible, veterans must have contributed $1,200 during their first year of military service. Veterans or service personnel cannot withdraw money paid into the fund.
  • The Montgomery GI Bill (Chapter 1606): Selected Reserve Educational Assistance Program, for members of the Reserve elements of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and the Air National Guard. To be eligible, reservists must have a six-year obligation to serve in the Selected Reserve signed after June 30, 1985. No contribution is required. Eligibility for this program is determined by the Department of Defense or Department of Homeland Security, as appropriate
  • Survivors' and Dependents' Educational Assistance (Chapter 35): Educational assistance is available to spouses and children of veterans who died or are permanently and totally disabled as the result of a service-related disability
  • Disabled Veterans Assistance (Chapter 31): Vocational Rehabilitation for service-connected disability of 10% or greater. The benefit provides a monthly stipend and covers the cost of tuition, books and supplies. Eligibility is determined on an individual case basis.
  • Veterans Education Assistance Program (VEAP Chapter 32): This program is for individuals who entered active duty service between January 1, 1977 and June 30, 1985, have served a continuous period of 181 days or more, and have contributed toward the education program.

Yellow Ribbon Program

Newberry College is proud to be a full participant in the Yellow Ribbon Program. All veterans who are fully eligible for the program (as determined by the VA) will receive a Yellow Ribbon Scholarship. That scholarship, together with matching funds from the VA, will cover all tuition and fee expenses at Newberry College that are not covered by Chapter 33 benefits.

Application Procedures

  • Apply to Newberry College.
  • Submit an application for VA benefits either online through the VA Online Application System ( or download the forms and mail or fax them to the Department of VA. You may download the forms at
  • Once the Department of Veterans Affairs has determined your eligibility (10-12 weeks after receiving your application), you will receive a Certificate of Eligibility in the mail. Please submit a copy to the Newberry College Registrar’s office and the office of Financial Aid.

Tuition Assistance

Armed Forces Tuition Assistance (TA) is a benefit paid to eligible members of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Congress has given each service the ability to pay up to 100% for the tuition expenses of its members. Each service has its own criteria for eligibility, obligated service, application process' and restrictions. This money is usually paid directly to the college by the individual services. More information can be found at

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