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Easter Message from President & Dr. Scherrens

April 17, 2022


Easter was always a special time. On Good Friday we attended church, saddened by the reminder of God’s torturous crucifixion and death. Then two days later, on Easter Sunday, we celebrated the most joyous and glorious day of the year.


Everything in the church changes on Easter Sunday. The purple that was draped throughout the inside of the church is removed, and there is now a celebratory mood. Everyone seems happier. Easter is the most uplifting Sunday of the year. And there is good reason. This glorious sense of unbridled happiness is rooted in the fact that an unbelievable miracle really has occurred. He has risen from the dead.


God is always teaching us. And His death and resurrection is one of His greatest lessons about living life. Things are going to happen in our lives that we wish were different, but He is telling us, “Believe in Me. I am with you; I will make you strong and I will show you the way.”


The resurrection is our reminder of hope, renewal, and a new life. John 11:25-26 captures it best when Jesus says to her, "I am the resurrection and the life... And whoever believes in me, will never die.”


Others may try to bury truth, honesty, empathy and justice in a grave, but nobody can keep those virtues buried. God has given us the strength to turn the inevitability of death into the invincibility of life.


God is the answer! He requires but one thing from us – believe in Him. Easter is the most glorious day of the year. He has risen, Hallelujah!


Let us pray: Dear Lord, today we celebrate your resurrection. There is no more powerful message than Your resurrection. Your arising is our awakening! We believe in you, and we turn our lives over to you. Please help us change our ways and help us put an end to injustice; help us bring about peace throughout the world. Help us keep Your word in our hearts. We pray this, trusting and believing in You. Amen.


Whatever lifts your spirits, brings you hope and fills you with the miracle of Easter, that is what we wish for you today. Happy Easter.


Sandy & Morrie Scherrens

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