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Newberry College Reintroduces Staff Council

April 16, 2021


NEWBERRY — Newberry College is renewing its commitment to its staff as it announces the reestablishment of the staff council.


The representative body seeks to recognize the contributions of the college’s non-faculty employees, including administrative and athletics staff, as well as to serve as a voice in matters of mutual concern.


Sandy Smith '08, faculty administrative assistant, is leading the revitalization effort.


“Staff Council originally started in late 2018, and a lot of initial work was put into its organization,” Smith said. “But before it really got off the ground, COVID happened and effectively derailed all that the council had put together. The subject came up again recently, and after speaking with some colleagues, I volunteered to head the steering committee to reestablish the council.”


The committee also includes Whitney Metz '09, assistant vice president for institutional advancement; Angelia Bedenbaugh '02, administrative assistant for teacher education; and Michael A. Smith, assistant dean for student engagement.


“I believe – truly believe - that the Staff Council could be of significant benefit to our staff,” said Sandy Smith. “From much-deserved recognition for all they do, to keeping staff informed, to hopefully acting as a liaison between staff and College administration, there’s a lot of potential here.”


She added that the council’s current goals are to reintroduce itself to campus and gather feedback from staff regarding their priorities.


“The steering committee has done a lot of research regarding other college’s staff councils and the work they are currently doing on their campuses. It is our hope to start small and build a very firm foundation on which the council can grow,” added Sandy Smith.


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