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Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault

It is recommended that any student who believes they are a victim of sexual assault go to the Newberry County Memorial Hospital Emergency Room (located down Evans Street from the College) immediately following the incident or as soon thereafter as possible. If you cannot get there on your own, please contact 911 for an ambulance. There you will receive confidential treatment and information regarding your rights. You may also preserve evidence for the future if you decide to press legal charges.


If the student does not desire to go to the emergency room it is recommended that he/she contact Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands. The contact person is Sherry Lewis @ 803-790-8208. Sexual Trauma Services provides confidential counseling and legal advice free of charge.


It is also recommended that the student contact the licensed mental health counselor on campus following either of the above or in cases where neither of the above recommendations are followed. The contact person for on counseling on campus is Martha Dorrell LISW-CP who can be reached at 803-321-5373 or e-mail Through the campus counseling services you will receive confidential treatment, explore options available, and referrals to additional support and legal services.


If the student reports a sexual assault to other College faculty or staff, including student staff members, that person is obligated by federal legislation, including the Campus Security Act, to report the incident to the Department of Security (Director of Security, 803-321-5602, We strongly recommend reporting a sexual assault to a College representative. Reporting is the only way the College can take action against the alleged perpetrator. A College representative is any faculty or staff member, including student staff, RA, professor, coach or work study supervisor. These individuals can refer you to the counseling, personal and legal resources available to you, and are obligated by federal legislation under the Campus Security Act to report an assault to Campus Security (Director of Security, 803-321-5602, You may also choose to contact the City of Newberry Police Department directly.


Once a sexual assault is reported, Campus Security is obligated to contact the victim for a statement and possibly to conduct an investigation. Because sexual assault is a crime under South Carolina law, the City of Newberry Police Department  will conduct the investigation. However, the victim has the right to make a handwritten statement to Campus Security stating that they choose not to have the police involved. In cases of perceived danger, the College is obligated to make a public statement to alert the campus community. Any public statement to the campus to alert and protect the community from imminent danger will be coordinated by the Office of Student Affairs.


Anyone who has been sexually assaulted has the right to pursue legal and disciplinary remedies and to secure counseling services. This includes the right to pursue College judicial action, criminal prosecution and/or civil litigation. Please see the Code of Student Conduct section in this handbook for details on the campus judicial process. Electing to pursue judicial action through the College does not commit the victim to pursue criminal or civil action, or vice versa. A victim also has the right to take no action.


Should a victim wish to pursue criminal prosecution and/or civil litigation, the Department of  Security (Director of Security, 803-321-5602, can provide assistance and information.