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Summerland Honors Program

In many ways the human story has been and will continue to be a quest for identity: how have we understood what it means to be human? The Summerland Honors Program is structured around the theme "A Quest for Identity," and will afford opportunities to explore this question from a number of perspectives.


Three years of paired, interdisciplinary seminars focus on examining identity in different contexts.During the first year, students study the question from the perspective of the arts and humanities. Year two looks at the question through the lens of the natural sciences. During the third year, students probe the quest for identity from the perspective of the social sciences.


In each of the six honors courses, students will participate in enrichment activities where they can apply their knowledge to service in the campus and local community while becoming an independent learner, a leader and a responsible citizen.

Program Entry Requirements

Typically, new freshman and transfer students apply to the Summerland Honors Program as they are admitted to the college.  Admission to the Summerland Honors Programs is based on a variety of criteria including:

  • High school GPA,
  • SAT or ACT equivalent scores, and
  • An interview with one or more members of the Newberry College Community

In addition, current Newberry College students may apply for entry into the program. Applications to the Summerland Honors Program are sent to the director, Dr. Charles Horn.