Political Science

Political Science unites students and faculty in the process of exploring the exciting world of politics. As a political science major, students have the opportunity and freedom to debate contemporary domestic and international issues; to develop an understanding of politics at the state, local, national and international levels; to hone information technology, critical thinking, and communications skills; to develop an ethical approach to politics; to engage in public service through political and legal internships; and to prepare for graduate school, law school, or employment.

The goals of the Political Science Program are to:

  • Help students shape their own political philosophy by exploring how the Judeo-Christian heritage has influenced political thought patterns; 
  • Apply the student‘s developing political philosophy to contemporary political issues; 
  • Develop the student‘s understanding and practice of their civic rights and responsibilities; 
  • Expose the student to the fundamental sub-disciplines of political science; 
  • Develop the student‘s reading, writing, critical thinking, and speaking skills; 
  • Give students practical experience in politics and law through internships in public administration; local, state and national government; international affairs; and law; 
  • Give students the knowledge and skills to use information technology and apply them to politics; and 
  • Prepare the student for successful transition into career employment or graduate studies in political science, public administration, international studies, or law school.