Concentrations and Minors

Sociology Major (B.A. degree) Requirements (36-42 hours)

Majors in Sociology are required to complete 33 hours in sociology plus Social Sciences 230 for a total of 36 hours as follows:

The sociology major also requires at least two semesters (6 hours) of a foreign language. This requirement can be met by demonstrating competency through placement tests or AP credit.


Sociology Minor Requirements (18 hours)

The Sociology minor requires 18 hours in Sociology: SOC 101, 208, and four Sociology electives.


Criminal Justice Minor Requirements (18 hours)

The Criminal Justice minor requires 18 hours of course work including:  

    9 hours:  Sociology 101 or 102; 246; 347;

    3 hours:  Sociology 495 or Sociology 496 (internship in a criminal justice agency);

    3 hours:  Political Science 343.

For Sociology majors the other three hours must be in POS 121, POS 122, POS 228; PSY 236 or PSY 330; FSC 211.

For non-Sociology majors the other three hours must be in SOC 208, SOC 308; POS 121, POS 122, POS

228; PSY 236 or 330; FSC 211.


A student may receive a minor in both Criminal Justice and Sociology but only if the only duplicated courses are SOC 101 and SOC 208. Thus, a Sociology Minor cannot count SOC 246, PSY 236, and SOC 347 if the student counts those courses towards a Criminal Justice Minor.


Social Work Minor Requirements (21 hours)

The Social Work Minor requires 21 hours of course work:

        SWK 101. Introduction to Social Work (3 hours)

        PSY 120. General Psychology (3 hours)

        SOC 101. Introduction to Sociology (3 hours)

        SWK 200. Human Behavior in the Social Environment (3 hours)

        SOC 308. Racial and Ethnic Groups (3 hours)

        SWK 495. Social Work Internship (3 hours)

        ONE 3-hour elective from the following: (3 hours)       

SOC 208.  Social Stratification
SOC 217.  Family and Society
SOC 408.  Sociology of Poverty and the Welfare State
SOC 328. Sociology of Aging
POS 122.  State and Local Government
PSY 230. Developmental Psychology
PSY 232. Personality
PSY 330. Theories of Counseling 

Total: 21 hours required. 6 hours meet Core requirements.

A research course (SOC 302, PSY 402) is strongly recommended.
Technology Requirements:To meet program objectives for the academic year 2013-14, and to provide access to technology; Business, Behavioral and Social Science students will be required to use a notebook computer supporting a minimum operating environment of Windows 7 (or higher) and Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013.


Concentrations and Minors