Concentrations and Minors

Religion Minor Requirements (20 hours)

A minor in Religion requires 20 hours of course work including: REL 110, two semesters of HUM 100, and five additional courses in Religion.

Philosophy Concentration

The Philosophy program at Newberry College is structured to provide students with exceptional training in Ethics and the History of Philosophy. Philosophy is one of the oldest academic disciplines, aimed to develop students' proficiencies in critical thinking through investigations of topics related to value, truth, morality, selfhood, and the acquisition of knowledge. In addition, the study of Philosophy is guided by an appreciation of the contributions of past thinkers to our contemporary understanding of these topics.

Philosophy Minor Requirements

A minor in Philosophy requires 20 hours of course work including: PHI 110, 201, and 202; either PHI 120, 220, or 312; two additional courses in Philosophy; and at least two semesters of satisfactory participation in HUM 100.

Concentrations and Minors