Pre-Physical Therapy

Our pre-physical therapy program provides relevant coursework to help undergraduate students prepare for a career in physical therapy.

MUSC no longer has a BS degree program in Physical Therapy, but has replaced it with a MS (Master of Science). In order to gain acceptance to this program, a student must have abachelor's degree.

The admissions committee at MUSC looks at three important criteria in making decision for admission:

  • Score on the Graduate Record Exam (GRE).
  • Courses taken and grades in those courses; the higher the GPA the better, with a minimum of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Showing interest in PT through volunteer or work experience in hospitals or similar situations where Physical Therapists are needed. MUSC requires a minimum of 100 volunteer hours.
Recommended Coursework

In order to be best prepared for the application process, most students are either biology or chemistry majors and complete the courses listed below.

  • BIO 121: Biological Science (4 hours)
  • BIO 212: Microbiology (4 hours) [or a similar course]
  • BIO 215-216: Human Anatomy and Physiology (8 hours)
  • CHE 113-114: General Chemistry (8 hours)
  • MAT 150: Precalculus (4 hours)
  • MAT 200: Applied Statistics (3 hours)
  • MAT 211: Calculus I - Differential Calculus (4 hours) [needed for physics]
  • PHY 213-214: Physics for Science and Engineering Students (8 hours)
  • PSY 120: General Psychology (3 hours)
  • PSY 230: Human Growth and Development (3 hours)
  • PSY 231: Abnormal Psychology (3 hours)

Completion of the Newberry College Core Curriculum will satisfy additional admission requirements at MUSC.

Pre-Physical Therapy