Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

The Newberry College Quality Enhancement Plan is “Habits of the Heart.”

The QEP is a campus-wide plan to improve student learning.

Through a sustained focus on Critical Thinking, with special emphasis on thinking critically about personal and social responsibility and vocation,  students will become better learners and more responsible citizens in their communities and in the world.

The QEP Implementation Committee has been hard at work this semester developing definitions to be used in the assessment of the QEP.

Critical Thinking:  Critical Thinking is a deliberate process by which individuals identify and reconsider assumptions as they explore ideas and actions, gather and evaluate new evidence, view ideas and actions from alternative perspectives, and apply new insights as informed scholars and citizens.

Vocation:  Vocation is a call to a life of meaning and purpose which is expressive of our talents and passions, and characterized by continual self-reflection, service to others, and broad-based study and experiences.

Personal and Social Responsibility:  Personal and social responsibility is a commitment to striving for excellence in the use of our talents, taking responsibility for the integrity and quality of our work, and fulfilling our obligations as members of an academic community and as local and global citizens. 

Members of the QEP committee will be discussing these definitions in COL 102 classes during the week of March 11, 2013. COL 102 students will also re-take the QEP portion of the CIRP survey during the week of March 25.  The QEP committee will use that data to discuss student learning about vocation.  

The QEP committee will spend the rest of the semester designing a new assessment for Fall 2013 COL 101 classes.  

To find out more details about Newberry College's QEP plan, click on the links below: 
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Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)