Alumni Association

The Alumni Association exists to foster alumni identity, information sharing, interest, involvement, and investment in support of Newberry College.

Goals of the Alumni Association are to:

  • Promote fellowship
  • Increase loyalty
  • Unite alumni and friends
  • Link alumni with students and the College
  • Assist in providing an atmosphere for scholarly efforts
  • Assist in recruiting students
  • Assist students with internships and networking
  • Support the aims of the College
  • Help with the expansion of the achievements and influence of Newberry College

Twelve Ways to be a Good Alumnus:

  • Keep your address, phone number, e-mail address, career, education and family changes up to date. (Use the Web site, e-mail, phone, or postal service.)
  • Display your diploma in your home or office.
  • Wear your Newberry College alumni pin.
  • Display a Newberry College decal on your car.
  • Participate in alumni activities.
  • Recruit students.
  • Contribute each year.
  • Read Dimensions, the College website and special mail.
  • Come back for Homecoming and other special events and bring others.
  • Encourage classmates to stay in touch.
  • Send notes about alumni stars so we can tell the good news.
  • Volunteer to help us keep up with your class, area, or group.